Shortly About Us

An app idea that began in San Diego and soon will help Roomers worldwide find just the right people to do things they like and adventures that excite them.

MyRoomers humbly began with an idea conceived during a solo trip back from Palm Springs. After reading an article on dating sites earlier that day, I began to wonder how I could find new friends who wanted to do the same things I did in a fun, interesting way. I just couldn't think of a way how.

Then boom! The basis for MyRoomers sprang to me after my late father's words of wisdom appeared which I've broken down into 5 simple words, 'the obstacle is the way.' The idea was to have a place where you can meet the right people to do what you all love to do by way of 100's of rooms.

So after alot of planning and years of fits and starts we are finally here. MyRoomers will soon be helping people do the things they love or have always wanted to do with someone new who loves the same thing. And the smile on my face couldn't be any bigger because I'm finally bringing people together like I always wished I could.

Promise me you will remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

Winnie the Pooh

Our Environment

Our feet can get a little sandy in Mission Beach, San Diego, CA but our hearts are filled with a passion for bringing the right people together to do things they love to do.

Our Philosophy

Work hard to make it easy for good people to do something they love or have always wanted to try with someone great.

Our Goal is to Bring people together doing things that they love

Life is better with a few roomers

Our staff

It's just me with a vision and the developers so far :)

Jason Griffin

Working to create the perfect app for meeting new friends you will want to do something fun with.

Development Team

Coding like crazy and working hard to make a friending/dating app you will love.